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Race Against Global Poverty


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Game Description:

Think you know about what's going on in the world? Put yourself to the test and join the race against global poverty!

Be the first to race against global poverty in 3 exciting new online games from the UK Government’s Department of International Development (DFID)! You can choose from giving aid by driving your jeep to villages in disaster areas; trading chocolate and fruit to get a fair price; or competing in a race by answering questions about the world’s poorest countries and what the UK Government is doing to help them.

The exciting new interactive games also let you download free wallpaper and create artwork to share with your friends. Join in the fun and challenge your friends to a race!

What happens on the other side of the world matters and affects us. So, it’s really important to understand the things that shape the conditions we all live in.

Try out these new games and find out more about the world around you at the same time.



  • Directions are found on website. They are different depending on which of the 3 games you play.


Game Information:

Genre: Meaningful

Type: Online

Developer: Department for International Development

Platform: Windows-Icon Apple-Icon Flash


System Requirements

Shockwave Flash